Warsaw – A Superb City Break Destination

As a nation, we’re very well-connected to our continent. A simple two-hour flight can put you in so many wonderful destinations, each so different from the next. The diverse nature of Europe gives us an opportunity to discover a variety of unique experiences, and stepping out the comfort zone of the usual go-to city break hotspots can be so rewarding. Here is where we introduce Warsaw.

The Polish capital is the 8th most populous in Europe. The Plac Defilad (Parade Square) is the largest city square in the EU at 240,000m2. The stunning Palace of Culture and Science is one of the tallest buildings in Europe. It may also hold claim to being home to the World’s Narrowest House, but don’t underestimate Warsaw’s severity – it is informally referred to as the ‘Phoenix City’ in reference to the fact that the loss of urban architecture was estimated at 84% in 1945 following its continual destruction during WW2. The destruction was so severe that it was even considered to be irreparable; authorities considered moving the capital to Łodź and leaving the former city as a sort-of rubble memorial. Thankfully this didn’t happen, meaning we can enjoy the city for what it is today.


Warsaw Old Town

Warsaw Old Town may lack in age; however, it certainly makes up for this in charm. Now protected by UNESCO, this area was beautifully rebuilt by reference to paintings from 17th and 18th centuries and a fine example of modern cultural restoration, following the aforementioned destruction. Colourful buildings, Baltic architecture and café-lined pavements and squares provide the city with the usual charismatic charm, and make for a perfect relaxed afternoon stroll.

The beautiful Teatr Wielki – Poland’s most grand opera and ballet theatre – was built between 1825–1833 by the Italian architect Antonio Corazzi. Only the original classicist façade survived following the siege of Warsaw in 1939, however today it stands as another testament to this city’s resilience. The Polish National Opera at the Teatr Wielki continues to produce works by Polish composers as well as world classics.


Palace of Culture and Science

Polish food may not be globally renowned in the same way some other European nations’ cuisines are, but don’t let that put you off trying the local fayre. Across Warsaw, you’ll find restaurants offering both authentic and modern takes on delicious traditional Polish cuisine – one of the most famous dishes being Pierogi. These little dumplings come with a whole host of fillings, including the ‘Ruskie’ (potato and cheese) ‘Z Miesem’ (meat and cabbage) and sweet varieties including ‘Z Owocami’ (seasonal fruit – often served with cream). Bigos is often considered the national dish of Poland: a stew usually made with pork, cabbage, mushrooms and honey – deliciously comforting during the winter, and the perfect meal to end a perfect day exploring this unusual, but brilliant city.




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